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Back Pain

Back Pain Chiropractor

Back pain can have a big impact on your quality of life. Back pain can turn standing, sitting and laying down into painful activities. As your chiropractor in Fargo North Dakota, Dr. Marc Vein will help patients manage their pain and avoid back pain in the future. Using a variety of natural techniques, we help patients reduce muscle tension and avoid back injury. Using holistic back pain therapy, we can help improve patient quality of life.

Man with back pain while working in his office.

Different Types of Back Pain

There are many different types of back pain. Back pain typically occurs in a specific region of the back. The location of the back pain can help you determine its source.

  • Upper - Upper back pain often occurs because of stress, injury and poor posture.
  • Middle - Middle back pain typically occurs because of stress, lifting and twisting, muscle strain and repetitive motions.
  • Lower - Lower back pain often occurs because of poor lifting and twisting techniques.

Causes Of Back Pain

The causes of back pain can vary. Knowing the causes of back pain can help you avoid this problem in the future.

  • Poor posture - Poor posture occurs when patients slouch, sit incorrectly or assume awkward postures for work. Some people have poor posture because of their frequent use of mobile devices. This condition is known as "text neck." Text neck occurs when patients spend too much time looking down at their handheld devices.
  • Career and ergonomics - Sitting in a non-neutral position throughout the day can put pressure on specific points in the body. This can cause nerve damage and muscle strain, leading to chronic pain.
  • Active lifestyle - People who are very active may experience muscle strain, leading to back pain.

Treating Back Pain With Chiropractic Care

Back pain is typically treated with a chiropractic technique called spinal adjustment. During the spinal adjustment process, the vertebrae in the back are realigned and posture is corrected. This helps relieve pressure on the spinal cord and reduce muscle pain. In addition, spinal adjustment helps the back heal from injuries so patients experience improved comfort on an ongoing basis.

Of course, a spinal adjustment isn't the only technique we use. We also use the following techniques to help our patients:

  • Massage therapy - Massage therapy helps soothe aching muscles and improve circulation in the injured parts of the body.
  • Stretches - This technique can help reduce muscle tension and strengthen the muscles to help patients stay healthy and avoid back pain.
  • Lifestyle advice - We give lifestyle advice to help patients make smart choices and avoid back injury in the future.

Contact Fargo Spine and Rehab for Back Pain Therapy

As your back pain chiropractor for back pain therapy in Fargo ND, we can help you heal from back injuries. To make an appointment for back pain treatment, contact us today at (701) 232-4770.