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Disc Injuries

Our Fargo Chiropractor Treats Many Types of Disc Injuries

Our Fargo chiropractor, Dr. Marc Vein, works with hundreds of people yearly who are dealing with back pain, which in many cases is caused by a disc injury. At Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation, we're happy to spend some time educating our patients about this treatable condition, including the varying types that can occur.

female patient with chiropractor in Fargo holding a model of the spine to explain a disc injury

What Causes Disc Injuries?

Your spinal discs contain a soft inner gel surrounded by a tough cartilaginous - these layers are located between your vertebral bones. They absorb shock in the spine and improve mobility, too.

Discs have relatively little blood and nerve supply compared to other tissues, so if they become injured they don't always cause pain directly. However, injured discs can encroach on nearby nerves, joint capsules, muscles, and so on, leading to a variety of symptoms including back pain, stiffness, and numbness, tingling, or weakness in an arm or leg. 

Is There a Difference Between a Herniated and a Bulging Disc?

We get the following question a lot: "What's a slipped disc?" Interestingly, "slipped disc" isn't actually a real injury; discs don't "slip" out of place. Instead, there are two main types of injuries which can occur to a disc: disc bulge and disc herniation. 

A bulging disc occurs when the gel fluid inside the disc is compressed and shifted into an abnormal position. Conversely, a herniated disc occurs when the inner gel fluid actually leaks through a tear in the fibrous outer layer of the disc. Either scenario is a common cause of sciatica and other types of nerve compression. 

Degenerative Disc Disease

Another common type of disc damage is known as degenerative disc disease. This is similar to wear and tear type injury within joints. It's associated with gradual thinning and breakdown of the discs (often due to repetitive stress, poor posture, or obesity) and can lead to narrowed intervertebral joint space, bony spurs, and osteoarthritis. 

How Our Chiropractor in Fargo Treats Disc Injuries

The approach to disc injury healing taken by our chiropractor is multifaceted. First, we need to control the symptoms. Next, we need to alleviate any pressure on surrounding spinal tissues and restore normal alignment and tissue healing of the discs. Finally, we need to prevent recurring pressure on the discs and increase the overall stability of the spine. 

We can do this by using completely drug-free and natural services. This includes spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, massage therapy, and physical rehabilitation.

Could Your Back Pain Be Caused by an Injured Disc? Get In Touch with Our Fargo Chiropractor Today

If you have concerns about your spinal disc health, contact Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation to schedule your appointment with our Fargo chiropractor. Call (701) 232-4770!