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Leg Pain

Visit our Leg Pain Doctor in Moorehead, ND

Dr. Vein at Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation uses natural techniques to reduce your leg pain. Our chiropractor at Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation does more than care for your back pain. Our leg pain doctor in Moorehead, Dr. Vein, provides natural care for a variety of conditions associated with leg pain. 

Woman with leg pain in Fargo.

Common Causes of Leg Pain

Some reasons for your leg pain may include:

  • Sciatica - a nerve interruption in the lower back that causes pain in the lower back, hip and legs
  • Muscle strains - an overuse of the leg muscles when lifting a heavy object, exercising or playing sports
  • Muscle cramps - a cramp can result from a lack of hydration or nutrients or an over-tight muscle in need of flexibility training
  • Disc concerns - if a herniated, bulging or degenerating disc interferes with nerve function, you may experience pain in your legs
  • Joint injuries - an injury to your hip, knee or ankle such as a sprain or overuse
  • Soft tissue injuries - you may also experience pain due to injury or inflammation of connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments

Chiropractic Leg Back Treatment with Our Local Chiropractor

To eliminate leg pain, our Fargo chiropractor, Dr. Vein evaluates your spine and legs to determine which services are most beneficial. Dr. Vein may use chiropractic adjustments to position your spine. This eliminates pressure from the sciatic nerve and other nerves that may be feeling interference from disc issues. When sciatic nerve flow is interrupted, you experience muscle weakness and pain in your legs. A spinal adjustment improves nerve flow and circulation to your legs which helps your body recover from sciatica and injuries such as muscle strains. 

Other Chiropractic Techniques to Heal Leg Pain

In addition to spinal adjustments, Dr. Vein adjusts your hips, knees, and ankles. This properly positions your legs for full range of motion. Also, this helps your body recover in a natural alignment which restores your mobility and reduces pain. Proper joint adjustments also gently position the tendons and ligaments so they recover in a healthy way. This prevents lasting discomforts and also strengthens your legs for greater resistance from future injuries. Leg back treatment works together in both areas to reduce leg pain.

After chiropractic adjustments position your leg and back, our staff provides continued care through massage therapy, physical therapy, and lifestyle guidance.

  • Massage therapy eases muscle scar tissue from injuries and also improves flexibility. 
  • Physical therapy uses exercises to strengthen and stretch your legs which improve muscular balance. 
  • Our staff also shows you where you can make small changes such as the height of your computer chair to reduce future episodes of leg pain. 

Choose our Leg Pain Doctor in Moorehead

To schedule your consultation and learn more about our leg pain approach, call us today at 701-232-4770.